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6" Slide For Centering Attachment (16/0003)

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Compatible with the Centring Attachment (16/0001), this is a 6" / 150mm slide extension that allows accurate, stable and reliable centring of components up to 12" / 300mm diameter.

The 6" slide can be used to replace the 3" slide that is shipped with the Centring Attachment product.

6" Slide For Centring Attachment 16/0003

Key features

• Deluxe tool version

• Features advanced rack and pinion movement

• Provides a precise and controlled method of setting your dial test indicator

• Single-spindle slide-locking and traverse thumb nuts

• Shank diameter: 3/8"

• Slide length: 3"

Adjustable Centering Attachment 16/0001


Product code: 16/0003

Model: 6" Slide For Centering Attachment

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