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Adjustable Centering Attachment (16/0001)

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The Verdict Adjustable Centring Attachment is the deluxe version of this tool where a rack and pinion movement is cleverly incorporated to give a more controlled method of setting your dial test indicator and any associated accessory.

This item is designed to give ease of operation to the user in any working environment. The slide locking and traverse thumb nuts are combined on one single spindle for ease and simplicity.

Shank diameter: 3/8"
Slide length: 3" (allowing for a 6" diameter swing)

Adjustable Centring Attachment 16/0001

Looking for something bigger? Purchase our additional 6" slide - fully compatible and gives centring of components up to 12" / 300mm diameter. View it here.

Key features

• Deluxe tool version

• Features advanced rack and pinion movement

• Provides a precise and controlled method of setting your dial test indicator

• Single-spindle slide-locking and traverse thumb nuts

• Shank diameter: 3/8"

• Slide length: 3"


Product code: 16/0001

Model: Adjustable Centering Attachment

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