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T2 Metric (05/1002)

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The T2 Metric Dial Test Indicator (DTI) has a dedicated switch lever for manually reversing the direction of movement depending on user requirements.

Along with user control of the movement direction, these dependable and robust models feature lever pivots that are mounted in ball bearings and provide solid kinetics in all uses.

The indicator body is machined to accept dovetail attachments and it also features a 4mm diameter top spigot that accepts rods up to 6.5mm.

NB. Images currently show an imperial dial for this model.

T2 Metric 05/1002

Key features

• Worm mechanism

• Clamping facilities by means of dovetail or end spigot

• Dial rotates for zero setting

• Automatic reversal movement

• Jewelled mechanism

• Stylus swivels through an arc of 180 degrees

• Unidirectional hand travel

• Lever pivots are mounted in long-life ball bearings

• Imperial instruments fitted with 4mm diameter spigot

• Swivel spigot standard on all models


Product code: 05/1002

Model: T2 Metric

Dial diameter: 35 mm

Reading: 0.01 mm

Graduation: 0-0.4-0

Range: 0.8 mm

Stylus length: 13.7 mm

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