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V2210 Stylus (109/22100)

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This genuine Verdict screw-in stylus features a spherical end for ease of use.

Constructed of high-grade steel, expertly finished and polished to provide precise measurements and long-lasting usage in all types of engineering or workshop environments.

Your Verdict dial gauge indicator will provide an exact reading when the stylus' spherical contact ball is engaged parallel to the workpiece.

Angle centres can shorten when the contact ball is sited at any angle to the base of the gauge body so a correct initial setup is imperative to allow your Verdict devices to provide the correct measurement.

Note: Image is representative and may not show the exact stylus model.

V2210 Stylus 109/22100

Key features

• Spherical end

• Length of 81.20mm

• Tip diameter of 2mm

• Constructed of high-grade steel

• Expertly finished and polished

• Intended for the T32 DTI


Product code: 109/22100

Model: V2210

Recommended for gauges: T32

Stylus length: 81.20mm

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